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Three Steps for a Medical Device Startup to Run a First-In-Human Clinical Trial in Colombia and Gather Quality Data at a Fraction of the Cost

Colombia's Ministry of Health (MoH) has one of the fastest regulatory approval times in Latin America: 30 days. The country also boasts a top-performing universal healthcare system that covers about 95% of its 50-million population and competitive hospital fees that are about 30-50% less than in the US or other Western European countries. The EC and INVIMA will evaluate the study protocol, the investigator's brochure, the patient informed consent form (ICF), the case report form (CRF), all information about the investigational product (e.g., biocompatibility tests, reports of unexpected adverse events), the study insurance policy, and all advertising material planned to recruit patients. You must also apply for an import permit at VUCE (Ventanilla Única de Comercio Exterior) —an office within Colombia's Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (MinCIT).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Device First-In-Human Clinical Trials in Colombia

We can assist you with the search, site selection, and approval of planned first-in-human clinical trial in Colombia. We will review your site selection criteria and study goals. Then, we will search the 110+ clinical research sites in Colombia that are ICH-GCP (certified by Colombia's regulatory agency, INVIMA) to find the ideal site and principal investigator for your clinical trial. We will then get the study approved at the site's ethics committee, and then we will get it approved at INVIMA. The next step is to obtain an import permit approved so that you can ship your investigational medical products to your site in Colombia. Please be aware Colombian regulations prevent healthy volunteers from participating in Phase I trials; only sick patients with the disease related to the therapeutic area of your investigational products are allowed.

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How Can Medical Device Companies Find a Distributor to Increase Sales and Growth in Latin America

Foreign manufacturers that have been involved in penetrating new overseas markets understand that finding the right distributor is a challenge. Most relationships that initially seemed promising, begin to deteriorate when the distributor doesn't meet its sales goals. In most cases, these misalignments can be avoided through careful and professional due diligence and planning. The problem is that most medical device manufacturers don't have the time or experience to do it well.

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