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Why do Medtech Companies Need a Market Access Plan in Latin America?

Emerging markets are the engines of growth today, and, thus, performing in these markets is critical for the majority of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Market access has gained considerable attention worldwide as countries try to contain their escalating healthcare expenditures amidst the global economic slowdown. This has resulted in governments adopting stricter measures for new product approval. Thus, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies are finding it increasingly difficult to successfully address the specific challenges posed by various government and regulatory agencies and stakeholders.

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The World’s Scariest — And Most Promising — Medical Device Market

Medical device imports in Mexico — which boasts a population of about 130 million, claimed a GDP of US$1.15 trillion in 2017, and embraces Spanish as its official language — were about $4.8 billion in 2017.(10,2) This article analyzes the current medical device market in Mexico and its potential. There is heavy competition on the Mexican medical device market, it is not exactly well-regulated, and innovation is unstable, but it still is expected to grow.

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