Research topic: EU MDR and its effects on the commercialization plans of small and mid-size Medtech companies

The new medical device regulation (MDR) in the European Union (EU) (aka “EU MDR") has increased the barriers to entry in the EU. This is apparently making Medtech companies look at other alternative markets (e.g., Latin America, Middle East, Asia) more favorably for their commercial activities.

Below, you will find some background information about myself, and the questions that I am asking the Medtech leaders I am interviewing for my upcoming article.



The future implementation of the EU MDR has increased the barriers to entry in the European Union (EU), and apparently more Medtech companies are looking to other alternative markets (e.g., US, Asia, Latin America) to first initiate their commercial activities. These are some of the questions that come to mind around the topic (you don’t have to share confidential information):

  1. In light of the rigorosity of the EU MDR, are US Medtech companies still considering the EU as their first commercial market before they seek FDA approval? 

  2. If yours (or a company that is a client of yours) is a medical device design, development, and commercialization company, what’s been your (or their) company experience with the EU MDR? 

  3. How has the EU MDR affected your company’s (or a company that is a client of yours) first-in-man or commercialization strategy?

  4. Are Medtech companies considering now other alternative markets to the EU where they can start generating revenue faster? If so, is Latin America one of those markets?

  5. What are your general thoughts on early-stage clinical trials or selling medical devices in Latin America?

  6. What’s been your practical experience conducting early-stage clinical trials or selling medical devices in Latin America? 

  7. Have you heard about the Pacific Alliance in Latin America? (An economic trade bloc with Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile that will create a single regulatory market to make it easier for Pharma and Medtech companies to commercialize their products).

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