Episode 8: Michael Benzaken, Former Acting Chairman, CEO, Nubenco Enterprises

Michael (Mike) Benzaken

Michael has extensive experience in various advisory, mentorship and leadership roles combined with his educational background in human behavior and cognition; this has enabled him to become a successful turnaround specialist in the life sciences industry. He is the former acting-chairman and CEO of the Nubenco and PharmeuRopea group —a marketplace providing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and  medical equipment to distributors, NGOs, major multinationals, and government agencies worldwide. Michael has been involved in international markets since 2011 since he first stared his global role first at Nubenco's international business director. At Nubenco, Michael —among other notable accomplishments— expanded the company's foothold to over 12 new markets —including Latin America— and doubled the company's customer base. Michael has recently co-founded Mist Medical —an early stage medical device company with a mission to gradually replace the demand for high consumption medical disposables, beginning with his first target: to replace the old syringe. Michael has a BA in Behavioral Neuroscience (pre-medicine) and Biological Foundations of Behavior from Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Read more.