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Episode 9: Zach Selch, VP of Global Sales, PharmaJet

Zach Selch is the VP of Global Sales for a high tech medical company. He has sold in more than 135 countries and lived in six. At 10, Zach was living in a trailer, at 15 he was left to fend for himself, at 19 he lead men into combat, at 33 he was the head of sales for South Asia for a Fortune 1000 multinational. For about 30 years, Zach has built up the international sales of several companies —from start-ups to publicly traded companies— four times growing sales by more than 1000%, three times bringing in the single largest P.O. in a field's history. With this, he has added hundreds of millions of dollars to the value of midmarket companies by increasing their international footprint.

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