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EOFlow Selects bioaccess.™ as its CRO in Colombia for the First-In-Human Study of its Breakthrough EOPancreas Medical Device

EOFlow Co., Ltd., an emerging medical device manufacturer with offices in Seoul, South Korea and San Jose, California, is on a mission to offer the best, the safest, the most reliable, and the most economical ways to manage diabetes disease. EOFlow's device integrates a continuous glucose sensor and an insulin pump in one small wearable module and autonomously controls insulin infusion to ensure that the patient’s blood glucose level stays within the normal range most of the time with little input from the patient. EOFlow has selected bioaccess.™ as its contract research organization (CRO) for the first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial of its EOPancreas medical device. The clinical trial will be conducted at CIMEDICAL in Barranquilla, Colombia — a top-performing clinical research center known for its ability to recruit patients and for the quality of the data it gathers from its research activities.

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