Podcast Description

Latin America is undergoing dramatic demographic and epidemiological changes. Its population is rapidly aging, and there is a worrisome increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Despite this, innovative medical technologies sometimes take years to reach these patients.

US and European Medical technology ("Medtech") companies struggle to find a cost-effective first-in-human clinical research center or to gain market share in Latin America; this prevents patients in Latin America from having faster and easier access to innovative and breakthrough medical technologies.

We realized that a) the majority of US and European small and mid-size Medtech companies fail on their attempt to enter Latin America; b) that these companies have no source of quality, reliable, and actionable information on how to reach the right patients in the region, c) that these companies have a hard time finding an expert to guide them to succeed in the region. As a consequence, patients in Latin America have delayed access to breakthrough and innovative medical technologies.

We decided to create this podcast to fix these problems by becoming part of the solution to accelerate the penetration of breakthrough medical innovations in Latin America.

The LATAM Medtech Leaders podcast delivers insightful structured interviews with leaders of Medtech companies with meaningful experience in clinical research or commercializing medical innovations in Latin America. Guests talk about their experiences in the region and provide a pathway for other leaders to follow so that they can save time, avoid costly mistakes, and benefit the right patient population.

The Intended Audience

The intended audience of the podcast are decision makers (i.e., CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, and directors) at developmental and commercial stage US or European medical technology companies who are looking for best practices, and quality and actionable information to either conduct a first-in-human clinical trial or commercialize their innovations in Latin America to ensure long-term growth in the region.

The Guests

Our guests are Medtech leaders (i.e., c-suite executives, vice presidents, and directors with responsibilities related to sales, marketing, commercialization, product development, regulatory and clinical affairs) with extensive experience in Latin America. On the podcast, they openly share their stories, experiences, and best practices in the region. During the 30-40 mins of the structured interview, a guest tells his journey to Latin America, his experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, and his recommended best practices. This translates into actionable information for listeners. During the interview, the guest addresses important topics ranging from finding an investigator for a clinical trial all the way to screening distributors and setting the right pricing for a medical product.


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Click here to read Julio Martinez-Clark's column on Med Device Online

Click here to read Julio Martinez-Clark's column on Med Device Online


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